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product news

Technical training concerning the new K pumps (01/2018)

Assembling of 2 PK10-HD on a DP150-HD pump. This pumping system will be in charge of sand dredging on a very important construction job site (01/2017)

Production of VHJ pumps in our workshops in Nivelles. The customer will use these pumps in its bentonite production process (09/2016)

The new TO400 is the most powerful, hydraulically driven, pump ever produced by Toyo (06/2016)

Nice order ready for dispatch to Saudi Arabia. (01/2016)

Our total sales of VH pumps are increasing significantly. These eight amphibious pumps will be installed in a goldmine in Russia. (11/2015)

New Hydraulic Power Packs to operate our DPH pumps are now available (10/2015)

Successful sales for our recently adapted electric control boxes (06/2015)

The Toyo DP150 has been selected for the construction of the tunnel under the Suez Canal in Egypt (04/2015)

New packages, including hydraulic pump and excavators, are now available (03/2015)


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